Épisode 35-2

Histoire de C# de 2002 à 2019 — Bracket Show, épisode 35

La version 8 de C# vient d’être lancée et c’est l’occasion de retracer l’histoire de C# depuis la version 1.0 en 2002.

Version 1.0 : précurseur de la programmation orientée-objet

Classes, Structures, Interfaces, Événements, Propriétés, Délégations, Expressions, Statements, Attributs, Literals.

Version 2.0 :

Génériques, Types partiels, Méthodes anonymes, Nullable types, Itérateurs, Covariance et contravariance

Version 3.0 : LinQ

Auto-implemented properties, Types anonymes, Query expressions, Lambda expressions, Expression trees, Extension methods, Implicitly typed local variables, Méthodes partielles, Object and collection initializers

Version 4.0 : Dynamic

Dynamic binding, Named/optional arguments, Generic covariant and contravariant, Embedded interop types

Version 5.0 : Async

Asynchronous members, Caller info attributes

Version 6.0 : More productive

Static imports, Exception filters, Auto-property initializers, Expression bodied members, Null propagator, String interpolation, name of operator, Index initializers

Version 7.0 : Pattern matching

Out variables, Tuples and deconstruction, Pattern matching, Local functions, Expanded expression bodied members, Ref locals and returns, Discards, Binary Literals and Digit Separators, Throw expressions

  • Version 7.1 : More pattern matching

Async Main Method, Default literal expressions, Inferred tuple element names, Pattern matching on generic type parameters

  • Version 7.2 : Efficient value types

Techniques for writing safe efficient code, Non-trailing named arguments, Leading underscores in numeric literals, Private protected access modifier, Conditional ref expressions

  • Version 7.3

Performance for safe code : Indexing fixed fields does not require pinning, Ref local variables may be reassigned, Stackalloc arrays support initializers, More types support the fixed statement, Enhanced generic constraints
Enhancement : Tuples support == and !=, Attach attributes to the backing fields for auto-implemented properties, In method overload resolution tiebreaker, Extend expressions variables initializers

Version 8.0 : More features

Readonly Members, Default interface members, Nullable reference types, Asynchronous streams, Indices and ranges, Pattern matching enhancements (switch expressions, property patterns, tuple patterns, positional patterns), Using declarations, Static local functions, Disposable ref structs, Null-coalescing assignment, Unmanaged constructed types, Stackalloc in nested expressions, Enhancement of interpolated verbatim strings

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