The Bracket Show

It’s after two days of carpooling to a training that the idea of the Bracket Show was born. The idea is quite simple: talking about code, development, and anything related to this, by providing short online videos.

Why? First and foremost, to share our knowledge. With more than 30 years of combined experience, that is without counting that of our future collaborators, there has to be a lot of things that we’ve been through that can be of some use to others. Also because we have a desire to learn, and explaining something is an excellent way to learn, and to expand our knowledge.

Why “Bracket Show”? The “Show” part is pretty obvious, it’s because most of our content will be videos. The “Bracket” part, which is visually represented by the curly braces { }, was born from the idea that the majority of the programming languages use curly braces to encapsulate code.

So here is episode 0, which mostly gives you an idea of who we are, but that will also give you a taste of what you’ll soon be able to follow.

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