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Technological audit : diagnosis, maintenance and securing of the software solution of the Abena Frantex SA subsidiary

The French company Abena Frantex SA, a subsidiary of the Abena Group, has retained Done’s expertise and services in software architecture support, to set up the development environment and improve their software solution to be more efficient and secure. At the same time, the Abena Group entrusted Done with the task of extending the use of the software outside France through other subsidiaries of the group. A look back at an exciting project and a successful collaboration.


Audit of the current platform (DevOps, architecture)

Our experts were able to analyze a piece of code that the client had provided, which allowed us to get a better understanding of the structure in place, the architecture and the quality of the development practices of the solution. The analysis of the structure is particularly important since it will allow the solution to evolve and add functionalities without impacting the existing ones and also to provide it with a certain longevity.

By carrying out this diagnosis, our team of developers was able to address several points of improvement to the customers, which were subsequently implemented in the solution.

“After an audit of the code, recommendations were made and an action plan was put in place. Done’s approach allowed us to structure our project correctly, by proposing the right tools, a methodology and processes adapted to our organization. All this while maintaining the agility that is essential for this type of development”, explains Geoffrey Greffier, digital business manager at Abena.


Support for the development environment

We quickly realized that the solution had no built-in testing. Although this is not something that is essential for the solution to function properly, our recommendations were to integrate these features to avoid compromising the evolution of the solution. The absence of built-in tests adds additional stress to the developers who have to evolve the solution in order to avoid introducing regression. This is without mentioning the fact that it is more time-consuming and difficult to add a new developer to the team in the absence of the documentation that the built-in tests represent for them.

“The addition of built-in tests allowed us to identify and eliminate code snippets that were no longer used by the solution. We also improved security by encrypting the data, which we felt was a major issue, especially if the client wanted to deploy the solution in different countries,” explains Eric De Carufel, CTO and partner at Done. Indeed, security and confidentiality rules can be different from one country to another, which can be an obstacle to the deployment of the solution. It is not necessary for all data to be encrypted, but being able to identify it will allow us to have a strategy to secure it.


Maintenance service, support and evolution of the solution (test strategies, security protocol)

We also advised to take into consideration the management of the regional parameters of the platform for an easier deployment to other countries. 

Our team also took care of improving the solution by adding functions such as the management of different time zones, the addition of several display formats, date entry, currency and multilingualism management, as the initial solution was not designed to be exported to other countries.

Furthermore, in order to avoid possible performance problems caused by a larger volume of data in the future, we improved the current use of Entity Framework which was not optimal. 


Development and deployment of the software solution in SaaS 

The success of this project allowed us to deploy the software solution to all other Abena Group subsidiaries across Europe in a second term.

In order to facilitate the deployment of the solution to the Abena Group subsidiaries, we used the same code base to facilitate the implementation of improvements while ensuring a more viable and maintainable solution. To enable deployment, we also configured the application so that it could meet the needs of both the Group and the subsidiary.

“In one year, thanks to Done’s support, we developed Abena Care, the international version of Abena Soins. This tool is now available in four languages. We have also deployed new functionalities while improving the security and reliability of our platform. Done gives us access to a pool of developers with different but complementary profiles. This way we are sure to be always accompanied and advised in an efficient way and to have at our disposal the necessary resources to develop or improve our tool. All while respecting our commitments in terms of deadlines and budget. This partnership is synonymous with efficiency, benevolence and peace of mind,” adds Geoffrey Greffier – Director of Digital Business at Abena.


20 years of expertise in agile software solutions

At Done, we are used to integrating this kind of functionality into solutions that are bound to evolve and adapt to new realities. In fact, our security practices follow industry standards and are adapted to the needs of our clients. The appropriate tools and platforms are used to eliminate potential vulnerabilities such as malicious data injection, broken authentication, exposure of sensitive data, script manipulation, etc.

“Our team has excellent expertise when it comes to improving existing solutions in order to implement good development practices to secure the platform and allow for longevity,” adds Eric De Carufel, Director and Partner at Done.

Indeed, our team of developers has Microsoft expertise, which ensures a quick response and provides a guarantee of mastery and maintenance of platform knowledge for years to come.

To learn more, please feel free to discover our custom software development services and other achievements. You want to evaluate your technology? Take this free questionnaire to get a quick audit of your technology situation.


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