Charles Perreault

Agile Developer

Guided by his father, Charles discovered computer science at a very young age with BASIC programming on TI-99 / 4A, TRS-80 and DOS. In high school, he was already creating and selling customized applications programmed in Turbo Pascal for his customers. Initially passionate about Physics and Mathematics, he finally decided to orient his studies in programming at the University of Sherbrooke, where he then taught for a few years.

Having proven himself as a developer of Windows applications, he was quickly promoted to Systems Architect, before becoming a Solutions Architect specializing in SaaS applications and Cloud Computing. Above all motivated by the transmission of good practices to new generations of programmers, Charles considers human development as central to the success of a project and a business.

I came to Pyxis to share my experience and passion with the world.

—   AT Studio Pyxis since 2019