Bruno Barrette

Agile developer

Bruno spent almost three years in retail sales where he developed his communication skills, going from a temporary job to a manager’s position. In 2004, he reoriented his career in IT. Working for a long period in the pharmaceutical industry, he gained experience based on rigour and attention to quality. His curiosity led him to exploit multiple technologies and development-related fields, such as project management, software validation, and implementation of solutions. Bruno is a versatile player to whom we can turn to regardless of the nature of the project. He always seeks to extend his knowledge and to share it with his peers.

Bruno recently won the prestigious Microsoft award: MVP Developer Technologies (Most Valuable Professional) 2020-2021.

I work with Done because my experience is recognized. I can learn, evolve and even be something else than simply a developer. I can be present as a father. All of that with respect and in perfect balance.

—   With Done since 2016