Do your IT teams have internal issues?
Do you want to improve the skills of your development teams?
Do you need help on a specific project?
Do you have unanswered questions?

The Rubber Duck Debugging Method

Our service allows companies to gain efficiency and improve the performance of their development teams. Thanks to the expertise of our multidisciplinary teams, we can train your teams and help them improve their skills. In other words, you have access to a Rubber Duck Debugging service with experienced experts.

What is this methodology?

The simple fact of expressing your thoughts out loud allows you to find answers to your questions, that's the principle of the rubber duck debugging method! We sincerely believe that by taking the time to listen to you and exchange with you, we can answer your questions and create a bond of trust that can make a difference.

Take advantage now of a free one-hour consultation for a technological evaluation with one of our Tech Leads who will answer your questions.

Customer testimonial – Les Pros de la photo

"Our experience with the Done team, specifically with Eric, has been a success. Eric is very competent and has been able to offer us solutions adapted to our way of working and the team's skills. Eric was always available and answered all our questions, during and even after the end of his migration mandate. "

Frédérik Gagnon - Chief technology officer

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What are the advantages of software architecture support?

Our technical support and coaching service allows your teams to become more autonomous, more efficient and to considerably improve their performance. In other words, our software architecture support allows you to gain a technological advantage and keep your company competitive on the market.

Increasing the skills of your development teams

We have in-house talents that allow us to help you in any situation. Our expertise, combined with our numerous mandates already completed, allows us to set up customized training sessions adapted to your needs.

We can assist you in building the skills of your development teams. The knowledge of Agile principles and practices, as well as its focus on real value creation, makes Done a partner of choice for any software or technology development project.

Training and Coaching Overview
  • Accompaniment and architecture
  • Increase in team skills
  • Change Management
  • Testing Strategies
  • DevOps
  • And much more...
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We help your company's development teams to become more competent

Concepts, methodologies and techs
  • ASP.NET, Razor, Entity Framework, C#, SQL Server, Web MVC, Azure DevOps, GIT, Docker, Full Stack MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js), Performance PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Microservices, TDD, BDD, Scalability, Release Pipeline, Build Server, Reverse Engineering, End-to-end testing, etc.

Why do we offer you a free hour of consultation?

The answer is simple, we want to assist you in your success and for this, we want to be a resource for you. It is likely that this hour of free, no-obligation coaching will be enough to meet your expectations, but if not, you will be very happy to count us as part of your network. And who knows, sometimes a simple call can change everything!



Let's get to know each other


  • Whether you are in technology, software development, retail or any other sector, our offer is aimed at companies that wish to improve existing technologies or develop software to better meet their needs.


Let's get to the heart of the matter!


  • Done invites you to explore new technological avenues to reinvent yourself and discover innovative business opportunities.
  • We offer a free one-hour consultation with one of our Tech Leads (expert developer and architect) who have many years of experience and a multitude of achievements to their credit.


Ask your questions


  • Exchange and obtain valuable advice to guide your technological choices according to your business model.
  • We will then send you a proposal tailored to meet your team's coaching and training needs.

Discover our Experts

Éric De Carufel

Chief Technology Officer & Partner

His architectural approach is simple: to develop an architecture where it is easier to apply good practices than bad ones.

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Bruno Barrette

Agile developer

Bruno is a versatile player to whom we can turn to regardless of the nature of the project. He always seeks to extend his knowledge and to share it with his peers.

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Luc Aspirot

Chief Product Officer & Partner

Luc is specialized in .Net and has become MCTS in 2009. His numerous personal projects allow him to explore many technologies which adds up to his varied experiences.

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Dominic Barbe

Agile developer

He has specialized for more than 18 years in modeling, programming and real-time distributed systems architecture, where he rigorously applies best software practices

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Louis-David Gaumont

Agile developer

Louis-David has a very broad experience in software development; he has used a multitude of technologies for many business domains.

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