Pyxis /studio at Stratégies PME

Last November, for the first time, Pyxis /studio’s team participated in the Stratégies PME event. Our technical consultants and developers were at our booth to meet with participants and present the benefits arising from developing their software products with our /studio. In fact, we had the opportunity to share the floor space with Reptiletech, our partner, to solidify our collaboration and increase the traffic at our booth. During the morning, our colleague Éric de Carufel gave his conference concerning the most profitable alternatives for developing custom-made software applications in 2015. It is in a room filled with people interested in the topic that Éric talked about the trends and benefits for 2015. After his presentation, many participants came to our booth to discuss with us. If you did not have the chance to attend the conference, here is the integral version:

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