TGiT—Indexing and storing music metadata

About TGiT

The use of musical metadata is the cornerstone of the TGiT project.

TGiT–Tag your music is a software ecosystem with the objective to facilitate and resolve copyright and royalty issues that affect artists and producers in the music industry.

TGiT is a software application for indexing and storing music metadata.

This indexing allows to meet global metadata standards based mainly on the contribution of artists and important players in the community.


The challenge

Tag your music meets the need for an improved classification of digital music to better index and exploit francophone music.

Among other things, this classification will allow music exploitation companies to better manage and distribute the rights and revenues originating from the use of digital music.

These actions will benefit the artisans of the music industry.

Our solution

The TGiT project is aimed specifically to producers and self-producers of the music industry.

Thorough work was done to facilitate the metadata entry of a newly created album.

While specifically targeting those users, we have simplified the interfaces and identified the key data required for the distribution of digital recordings.