About Solotech

Solotech has world-renowned expertise in event solutions, system integration and audiovisual equipment.

Solotech develops innovative technological solutions to create unique experiences. The Montreal-based company brings its clients’ projects to life and teams up with them to transform their visions into spectacular realities.


The challenge

Solotech wanted to implement a 24/7 automated monitoring of its equipment by establishing communication in order to obtain their status in real time, as well as remotely control them to solve problems without moving technicians.

The solution will allow Solotech to stand out from the competition by being more proactive in its interventions and have better management of its equipment.

The solution

A local communication service with a customized protocol (agent) was set up to bridge the gap between the equipment controller and the Web platform, while respecting the security constraints related to the network.

This agent is used to transmit the system’s status via the Internet and to receive requests without opening any doors allowing access into the customer’s network.

The platform detects problematic situations and issues alerts according to their level of urgency. These alerts are integrated into the customer’s SalesForce system for tracking.