The Société de Transport de Montréal (STM)

About the STM

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM, formerly CTCUM and then STCUM) is the corporation that operates public transit in Montréal, namely the metro and bus service. It was formally created in 2002 to replace the Société de transport de la Communauté urbaine de Montréal following the municipal merger of Montréal. Today, the corporation operates four metro lines with 68 stations and 71 km of tunnels, as well as some 225 bus routes.

It operates the second largest urban transit system in Canada after the Toronto Transit Commission and the third largest rapid transit system in North America after the New York Metro and the Mexico City Metro.


The challenge

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) wanted to quickly deliver a customer service solution to improve its customer experience. The STM’s objective was to be able to implement these new services, mainly refunds, in all metro stations. To do so, the company called upon Done’s expertise and its IT team extension service to support the internal development team.

Our Solution

IT Outsourcing Service

Done’s experts were quickly integrated with the STM’s internal team for the design and development of the ongoing project. Done provided expertise in web development on vue.js and .Net 5. 


– Product definition support

– Software development best practices

– Accelerated proof of concept

– Development of a web-based reimbursement management application

– Automated deployment process of a web platform on Azure to allow remote configuration.

– Increased the team’s skills. Technical support on Docker to answer technical questions from developers.


Technos : Vuejs, node.js, docker, typescript, Asp.Net


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