Pediatric Medical Group—Doctor billing

About PMG

The Pediatric Medical Group supports more than 80% of pediatricians who work at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and certain physicians who work at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

PMG’s primary function is to collect billing data from participating doctors and submit annually hundreds of thousands of requests for payment of professional services to the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) and other payers outside the province of Quebec.



240 000

payment requests in 2015


The challenge

To maximize the effectiveness of managing such a large volume of requests, PMG needs a real-time billing and payroll system for participating doctors as well as its team of professionals.

This software product must meet multiple business regulations established by the RAMQ and other payers, while providing doctors with a simple and efficient interface that is automating the billing process.

In addition, to protect sensitive and confidential information, the new system must be highly secure.

Our solution

Done presented an integrated application that automates the management of physicians’ billable acts, the verification of requests as well as their sending to the RAMQ, and payroll generation. Therefore, MD’s can securely enter data and view detailed information about their pay.

A significant benefit of the solution developed by Done is to provide all the necessary information to PMG so that the physicians’ pay can be easily and transparently generated. Doctors can view their pay stubs online based on actual data. The proposed solution significantly reduces manual operations previously performed by doctors and PMG.

Done‘s team focused on user experience. Regular meetings with stakeholders have created an intuitive navigation and functionality meeting the users’ specific and essential needs (i.e., more than 200 physicians and PMG’s team of professionals).