Les pros de la photo

About Les pros de la photo

With more than 100 million photos printed each year, Les Pros de la photo is the largest provider of personalized photo products in Canada. It offers its customers a complete online service for printing photos as well as numerous photo-based products such as photo books, canvases, posters and laminates for wall decoration. They also make greeting cards, calendars and various objects (cups, puzzles, bottles, shells) always from your photos.


The Challenge

Les Pros de la Photo wants to migrate their development pipeline to DevOps as well as receive training on GIT. To do this, they called on Pyxis experience in this area to assess how this transition can be done smoothly while ensuring that risks are managed closely thanks to a solid architecture as well as coaching and technical training for the team.

Our Solution

Our solution was structured in three phases. The first was to build the DevOps development pipeline: creation of the project and accesses, migration of sources in GIT, creation of the “build” server and the “release” pipeline and unit testing validation.


Technical Coaching and Training

The second phase included GIT training (basic and Champion), refreshing of sources in GIT, export / import of current backlogs, revalidation of unit testing execution for the website, support for setting up individual developers and Azure DevOps administrator training. The last phase was the creation of the Website’s Database Project (reverse engineering) and the deployment integration of the website’s database into the pipeline.