A permanent link between products, services and users

Konnek offers Software as a Service (Web application) created mainly for manufacturing SMEs. Thanks to a QR code put on devices, it establishes a permanent link between products and services and their users. It also enables building a client database and creating a complete history of each device including repairs and updates. The Konnek team has turned to Studio Pyxis to create its prototype.


The challenge

The project’s objective was to create an application allowing any manufacturing SME to have permanent access to all the individual information regarding different devices (furnaces, heat pumps, mowers, etc.) thanks to a tag put on each device with an URL and unique QR code.

Our solution

Done has developed a prototype that establishes a permanent link between the client, the equipment supplier and the piece of equipment itself. Konnek allows suppliers to know the users of their equipment better and to send them relevant information, such as updates and reminders. Furthermore, the tool allows service businesses to increase their visibility while centralizing the information.