iVSM — Optimization of Manufacturing Operations

An approach based on concepts of Lean and the foundations of Agility

Agilean Strategy has launched a brand new and innovative software solution that allows SMEs to reach world class operational excellence. iVSM is a Value Stream Management application that allows optimization of manufacturing operations to help businesses improve their productivity and get to a financial situation favoring their competitivity, growth and perennity.

To do that, iVSM offers visual management of the manufacturing operations, giving at any time a clear picture of projects in progress without having to generate many complex reports. The software also enables easy supervision of projects, from bid to delivery, and the monitoring of important dates as well as costs in resources, equipment, material and subcontracting.




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The Challenge

With an initial version that was not ready to be implemented for its first clients, Agilean Strategy needed expertise, on the technological level as well as with its work methodology. Considering the extent of the work to be done in order to offer competitive features, the Agilean team called upon Done to:

  • Complete the code’s migration toward new technologies (Node);
  • Implement good work methods and development practices;
  • Be part of the product’s development;
  • Benefit from technical experts to implement a robust solution.

Done also acted as Scrum Master to ensure good cohesion between the Product Owner’s and the team’s visions.

Our Solution

First of all, Done provided accompaniment to implement and improve processes facilitating product development. The objectives were the following:

  • Having a better vision of the product and its evolution using the Lean Startup spirit;
  • Identifying priorities according to business value and clients’ needs;
  • Building and managing the product backlog;
  • Developing and improving the application.

The support then became more technical in order to provide the team with appropriate tools allowing it to work optimally. The efforts were focused on:

  • A strategy of branches as well as test and production environments;
  • A continuous integration process executing tests and validating that the code follows quality standards;
  • Adjustment of several modules to maximize reuse and facilitate evolution of the design;
  • Good practices to improve quality of the product and the code.

Interventions are still happening recurrently to follow the application’s evolution and bring external technical expertise.