Adèle on demand, Housekeeping

Adèle on demand, Housekeeping

Adèle on demand is a domestic housekeeping business in Montréal. It is a new service offered by the well-established brand, Adèle. Its purpose is to improve and simplify the life of people seeking housekeeping services for their homes.


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The challenge

Adèle on demand had two objectives in mind: be able to manage the work of the housekeeping experts and provide a user-friendly application allowing clients to easily book appointments for housekeeping services.

Our solution

Done proposed a mobile application and a web platform allowing to ask for estimates and book appointments as well as to manage the housekeeping experts’ work.

The significant benefit of the solution developed by Done is that Adèle on demand was able to rapidly test the service; thus, allowing to refine the process during the development phase.

Done’s team focused on the user experience. Thereby, the clients of Adèle on demand can ask for an estimate, book an appointment for housekeeping services, and provide feedback regarding their experience and satisfaction.

The team also designed a platform for “Adèle pros”. It allows to manage the requests and schedules, to access the process to follow and the list of tasks, and to manage their profiles.