About the Abena Group:

Originally, Abena was a small producer with a rather limited product range. Today, the Abena Group is a major player in the world of healthcare, recognized by its partners as a supplier that puts its employees at the center of its services and delivers high quality products. With more than 1400 employees worldwide, the Abena Group offers a wide range of products in various fields such as incontinence, hygiene, paper towels, personal protection and waste management. The Abena Group has several subsidiaries around the world, including Abena Frantex SA, the group’s French subsidiary.


The challenge

We have completed several mandates with the Abena Group and one of its subsidiaries Abena Frantex.  The first project was with the French subsidiary Abena Frantex, which wanted to improve and maintain its protocol management software, mainly for its incontinence products as well as other products, and used by more than 1200 health establishments in France.

Later, in a second mandate, the Abena Group wanted to extend the use of the solution outside of France through its other subsidiaries, the client was looking for a company that will have the size and expertise to secure the tool and provide a maintenance service, as well as the development of a feature that will allow customers using the software to submit improvement requests.

Our solution

Custom software development service

Done performed a technology audit to evaluate the software solution already in place. This analysis allowed us to better understand the technologies used and to come back with an action plan in line with the client’s expectations regarding security, solution improvement and maintenance. Afterwards, we also standardized the parameters and the code used to facilitate the deployment within the other subsidiaries of the group.


  • Support of the development environment
  • Audit of the current platform (DevOps, architecture)
  • Maintenance, support and evolution of the solution (test strategies, security protocol)
  • Development in the same code base to share improvements
  • Add parameters to configure the application in Abena Frantex or group mode
  • Disconnect the application from SAP
  • Implementation of an isolated deployment system by group
  • Addition of a new module
  • Add the necessary security
  • Management of the process of requesting, preparing and shipping samples
  • Management of the inventory of available stock for samples


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