Project Delivery: To Hire or Use an IT Team Extension Service?

Your in-house team is facing challenges in completing and delivering a project on time. Whether it’s due to a lack of resources or knowledge, as a decision maker, you need to act. What strategy will you adopt: should I recruit to expand my team? What specialty(ies) should I target? How long will it take? Are there companies offering IT outsourcing services? If so, at what price? And what are the advantages of such a service? Stéphane Primeau, director of software development and a partner at Done, a division of Pyxis, advises you on the subject to help you in your reflection.


Searching for that rare pearl, recruiting, and training the right candidate…

Many companies have a small team of in-house technology specialists to perform maintenance operations. Unfortunately, these teams do not have the capacity to respond to large-scale mandates, due to a lack of resources or manpower. Remedying this type of situation can be a real headache for these organizations, which are short of reliable and rapid solutions. Recruiting then becomes a necessity, at least on the surface…

In a market where competition is fierce, finding the right person to strengthen your team can be a daunting task. You must be patient. It will take time to find the right candidate, integrate them into your team and bring them up to speed so they can stand on their own. Not to mention all the other aspects to consider if you want to expand your IT department, such as purchasing equipment, rental space, training, security, etc. The costs and timeframe are enormous. But long before that, you should assess whether your need is permanent or a one-time request. In other words, do not engage in recruitment if your need is not long-term.


While recruiting takes a considerable amount of time, the alternative option of using an IT staffing extension service gives you quick access to qualified professionals.


Benefits of an IT Staffing Extension Service

By entrusting this mission to experts, you can count on peace of mind and speed of execution. Indeed, you will not have to waste your time and you will be able to concentrate on the development and growth of your company. At the same time, it will relieve your teams of a heavy workload, which will ultimately play a role in retaining your talent.

Finally, you will have access to a multidisciplinary team (which is a considerable advantage since recruitment will be limited to the targeted profile) with the ability to adapt quickly to your reality. If your needs change, the team you have entrusted with the mission has a pool of specialists with varied skills to respond to this fluctuation.


“It won’t cost more because from the start, we analyze the client’s project and are able to define a bank of hours to accomplish the task. If the project requires 150 hours of work, we will likely use four different experts to perform various tasks to meet the goal. The client won’t have to hire four experts and pay four salaries,” explains Stéphane.


At Done, even if you work with two experts from our team, you have access to all of our professionals who can advise you or intervene as needed.

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