For the past few months, Studio Pyxis has been working closely with the MyBlueprints team in order to create software aimed at helping coaches digitalize their coaching practice and increase the quality of their client interactions.

The idea is to help the coaches to be more available for themselves and their clients by centralizing all their coaching tools at their fingertips so that they have more time for what matters most: Coaching.


When you are a coach, you have a thousand schedules to run, trying to juggle the admin, the business development and the human relations while remaining present and confident in the eye of the storm.

So what if you took a step back and got a fresh perspective on how you do coaching? Or on how to enrich your practice and further impact your clients?

Introducing a digital ecosystem for coaches

MyBlueprints is a simple integrated platform with the potential to support you in the development of your business, of your practice and of yourself as a coach.

  • Design and plan your coaching programs
  • Advanced/unique multi session scheduling
  • Access resources
  • Collaborate with other coaches on ad-hoc projects
  • Manage your coaches
  • Become part of a community

All decisions have a ripple effect

Coaching starts with the simple understanding that every decision influences who we are and who we will become. The people we meet, the experiences we live through, the choices we make – all will influence and design the blueprints of our lives. And one day we decided to change our blueprints…

We decided that it was time for us, as leaders, to make the decision to enrich our practice – to empower ourselves as well as our clients instead of letting trivial issues deter us from our true purpose. We created a platform which would give us space for focus, human interaction and scalability at individual and collective level in our practice by removing the noise of repetitive tasks – A tool for us and a vision for our industry.

Read the case study here.

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