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Are you having trouble finding skilled manpower?
Are you struggling to find time to deal with technological issues?
Is your IT director and his team overwhelmed by requests?

As a Quebec company and technology partner, Done supports the economic growth in Quebec. We can help your company make the most of its opportunities and respond to your technological and labour shortage challenges.

Providing qualified developers and upgrading your technology is what we've been doing for over 20 years.

The good news? We know your issues inside out!

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Main obstacles to the implementation of new technologies in manufacturing companies:

consider that the lack of knowledge is an obstacle to the implementation of new technologies


of manufacturing companies do not have the qualified personnel to do so


consider that they lack the time to initiate the implementation of new technologies

According to a recent survey of the 12th edition of the Quebec Industrial Barometer, STIQ

Integration of new technologies - a priority for SMEs

Also according to the Quebec Industrial Barometer, 71% of respondents currently consider the implementation of digital technologies to be a very high priority.

Those manufacturers have trusted us:

Parker, Les Pros de la photo, Distrimedic. There are many in the industry who have sought our services.

CLike you, these manufacturers in Quebec have had issues delivering projects on time and have had to review their technological processes. We were able to help them achieve their goals and we continue to support them in their growth.

Access experienced experts and get results fast.

What you'll get:

  • A technology partner tailored for your immediate and future needs
  • A pool of qualified experts to support your existing development teamsDes experts qualifiés pour soutenir vos équipes de développement en place
  • An exact picture of your current technological situation
  • A concrete action plan to gain a competitive advantage (such as the architecture plan, product backlog development and much more)

Achieve your growth objectives

Customer Testimonial - Parker Micro Thermo Technologies

Refrigeration equipment control devices for supermarket managers and owners

"By calling on the IT team extension service for the development of a visual programming product based entirely on web technologies, we were looking for a quick solution. Since we didn't have the knowledge or experience level for this kind of technology, we turned to Done. We are very satisfied with the quality of the results, the turnaround time and their focus on the real added value the product brings to the customer."

Yves Roy - Engineering Manager

Overview of what we can do for you
  • Technological and computer audit of your situation
  • Strategic analysis and action plan creation
  • Act as an IT department
  • Support the team in place

We are working to support manufacturing companies in the face of technological challenges

Concepts, methodologies and techs
  • ASP.NET, Razor, Entity Framework, C#, SQL Server, Web MVC, Azure DevOps, GIT, Docker, Full Stack MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js), Performance PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Microservices, TDD, BDD, Scalability, Release Pipeline, Build Server, Reverse Engineering, End-to-end testing, etc.

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Our strength lies in our expertise and our ability to quickly integrate with existing teams. Our mastery of Agile principles and practices, our achievements with manufacturing companies and our focus on real value creation make Done a partner of choice for your business issues.

We are able to intervene in projects that need to be straightened out or simply completed. We work hand in hand with your teams and are committed to meeting your expectations and deadlines.

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