Maintenance and security of a software solution

The Done team is pleased to announce their latest mandate in software architecture support!

French company Abena Frantex SA, a subsidiary of the Abena Group, has retained Done’s expertise and services to set up the development environment and improve their software solution for added security and better efficiency.

The French subsidiary has developed a protocol management software, mainly for its incontinence products as well as other products, and is used by more than 1,200 healthcare institutions in France.

With the objective of being able to extend the use of the solution outside of France, through the other subsidiaries, Abena Frantex SA was looking for a service provider with the expertise to secure and maintain their software solution. Requirements that perfectly matched Done’s service offering and projects, which allowed the Laval company to obtain the mandate.

The software solution designed by Done will be implemented in several phases:

  1. Taking charge of the development environment
  2. Performing an audit of the current platform (DevOps, architecture)
  3. Maintenance service, support and evolution of the solution (test strategies, security protocol)


Furthermore, Done’s experts strongly recommend the evolution of the software solution using an Agile methodology to maximize business value.

About the Abena Group :

Originally, Abena was a small producer with a fairly limited product assortment. Today, the Abena Group is a major player in the healthcare world and recognized by its partners as a supplier that puts its people at the center of its services and delivers high quality products. With more than 1,400 employees worldwide, the Abena Group offers a wide range of products in various areas such as incontinence, paper wipes, personal protection and waste management, as well as hygiene. The Abena Group has several subsidiaries around the world, including Abena Frantex SA, the French subsidiary of the group.  

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