IT Outsourcing: Done joins STM team to deliver an agile development project

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) called on Done’s experts and its IT team extension service to quickly deliver a customer service solution to improve the customer journey. The STM’s goal was to be able to implement these new services, primarily refunds, in all metro stations.

The CEDI division (Centre d’expertise en développement et intégration) was given the mandate to deliver an iso-functional solution. CEDI adopted an approach that it is used to working with, namely the agile approach.

Using an IT outsourcing service

The CEDI senior analyst worked with the PO to build the backlog, define the epics and roles, and write the user stories and acceptance criteria. They also brought in Done’s experts, Francis and Gabriel, to assist their development team and maximize their chances of delivering the project on time.

To get off to a quick start, only the first few stories were approved by the Product Owner so that the development team could work through a couple of sprints, but also get to know each other.

“This was the first project I worked on with STM, and the team was able to apply agile values and principles, which allowed us to achieve the project’s objectives and meet the client’s needs. Once again, the agile software development process has proven itself and we are ready to continue this healthy practice and take on new challenges with the STM,” explains Francis Gauthier.

Indeed, Francis and Gabriel have been integrated into a new team to work on a new project in vue.js. At the beginning of the project, the STM’s internal resources had no experience in starting new projects with vue.js. When Francis and Gabriel were brought on board, it turned out that they were at about the same level of knowledge. So there was a learning curve both in terms of technology and how to work with a new team.


A remote integration

As the whole team was telecommuting, integration was made easier. The use of Teams and the ease with which Francis and Gabriel communicate allowed the team to quickly learn to work together. 

“They integrated very well into the team and participated in the various meetings, understanding the objectives and intervening appropriately and with professionalism. They were committed to the success and delivery of each sprint. They understood the constraints of the project and adjusted accordingly. They knew how to share their concerns and recommendations,” explains Angéline Duhoux, Senior Analyst, Application Development at the STM.


A valuable addition to the development team

Francis and Gabriel were members of the development team, as were the internal resources, so no distinction was made internally. They were able to share their experience with the test structure and architecture and the introduction of tools, such as FluentAssertions.

After three sprints, the team had become a successful team and had caught up with the first two sprints. 

Developers were required to work together on the same story, committing to deliver testable, production-quality features, including automated testing, in each sprint.

Systematic code reviews allowed the team to challenge each other and ensure that good development practices were followed, that acceptance criteria were met, and that the code was readable, of expected quality and maintainable by any developer.


A project delivered on time and a happy customer

Thanks to the availability and involvement of the STM’s business sector throughout the development, the quick decision making and the tests as they were done, this project was delivered on time and with the expected functionalities. A great project carried out by the Done team which also allowed Pyxis to provide training and coaching to the STM team.


“From my side, I can say that a great job was done. It seems that the team already knew our business. The needs were well understood and identified from all sides before translating them into technical language to the developers. They too, developed features that meet exactly what was expressed at the outset. The weekly meetings and 2-week sprints allowed us to stay in touch throughout the project and keep track of all the new features […] I have consulted with the users and everyone is very happy with the excellent work in such a short time.

Tarik Berrahou | Consultant – STM Systems Management


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