Done develops a decision support tool for the company Solaxis

Done recently obtained a new mandate in custom software development.

The Quebec company Solaxis, which specializes in large format industrial 3D printing of advanced thermoplastics, requested Done’s expertise and services for the implementation and development of a decision support tool.

The objective of this software solution will be to relieve the technical team of repetitive tasks so that engineers can concentrate on those with greater added value.

The development of the software solution will take place in several phases

  • Phase 1: the development of the so-called “unknown” sections to reduce the related risks and secure the software solution.
  • Phase 2: the delivery of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the application.
  • Phase 3: development of the other essential functionalities of the solution


The Solaxis company specializes in the production of quality parts in various sectors such as aerospace, transportation and defense. It stands out from its competitors by using the best materials and technological processes, as well as the best finishing methods.


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