Digital Shift and Business Models

The digital shift in the manufacturing sector obviously involves significant changes in the various processes and systems present in a business. But more broadly, important changes must also emerge in business models and management modes.

However, to remain competitive and flexible, as clearly mentioned in the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation’s Industry 4.0 Roadmap, we must favour an evolution, not a revolution. An evaluation of the technologies that are present in the business environment allows us to determine the first steps and start quickly. Regardless of the organization’s digital maturity, it is prudent to build on achievements to have technologies evolve in a harmonious way with business. Ideally, make sure you start as early as possible to quickly find out what is working and what is really useful.

So, improving the way of doing things and the technology often entails a necessary adaptation of the management and business development perspectives. The customer relationship can also be positively affected. It is often one of the major goals of digital transformation initiatives. We will certainly have the opportunity to come back in detail on this crucial issue.

Take the example of a company that has opportunities for improvement in its management of the production process. Let’s imagine that with the introduction of custom software that allows optimizing the teams’ shifts and their use of resources, it is able to review delivery times or inventory management.

This could then be an opportunity to revisit the value chain as a whole and to question the various possibilities for improving performance and productivity in a perspective of changing management methods or, more broadly, the business model.

Studio Pyxis

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