We develop high-quality software that simplifies your life

Our promise is to rapidly deliver enchanting software, to support it, and to make it evolve in order to meet your changing needs. Working with Done is to be part of a team that delivers remarkable custom software on time all the time.

Custom software should not only meet your needs, it has to delight you.

Application software developed according to your specific needs allows the completion of certain tasks much more efficiently; thus, increasing the profitability of a process. In fact, using software should require less effort than the manual process.


Certain software applications allow to generate or increase revenues while other ones reduce expenses. Ultimately, if the solution developed does both, it will be even more profitable!

A unique software development experience


Let’s go!

We set the first series of objectives together, and development starts immediately.

  • We meet the first functional requirements and continuously deploy the application.
  • Throughout this first step, Done’s team pays serious attention to risk mitigation.

At the end of this first step, you get a version of your software that is ready to use and you can already derive benefits from it.


It’s ready!

We know from experience that it is sometimes possible to meet the business needs initially targeted with only half the budget.

  • We create your software gradually and deliver its evolution regularly and frequently.
  • You can make them available to your users when you see fit.
  • The Done team gives you good advice and guides you with the design of your product throughout its development.
  • To provide you with the flexibility required for your success, we adapt quickly and effectively to your changing business needs.

Midway through the project, you have a version of your software that covers all of the anticipated needs. You have the option to keep improving your product so that it satisfies you completely.


At last!

Custom software not only has to meet your needs, it has to delight you.

  • The Done team works closely with you and helps you better manage your investment.
  • You can stop the development when you feel your goals are achieved, without necessarily spending your entire budget.
  • We are developing new features according to your changing needs. We can also improve some features that have already been delivered in order to maximize their value.

In the end, you are the proud owner of a custom software of the highest quality that will delight your users. By working closely each step of the way, together we seek to maximize the value of your investment.