Your software is no longer stable or you want to improve your existing solution?
You would like to create a software that meets your business needs?
Are you looking to reduce your operational costs while improving your efficiency?

Full support for a ready-to-use service

We can help you whether it's;

  • improving an existing software by adding new features
  • rewriting a software solution
  • or developing new technology
  • We offer a complete package with peace of mind and the assurance of a product of first in class quality, delivered on time. Let our experts take care of you so you can concentrate on other tasks that require your attention.

    Our team supports you through every stage of the life of your software solution: from strategic thinking about your needs, through the analysis of the software solution to support and maintenance.

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  • Does your software solution meet your business needs?

    Is your IT support team overwhelmed? Are you still able to deliver to your customers? Are your employees frustrated?

    Very often, these situations are related to tools that are no longer adequate or to aging technology that no longer meets the changing needs of the company.
    Take our free self-assessment questionnaire to quickly perform a technology audit.

    According to a recent study*, only 25% of organizations are planning technology investments in the next two years

    Don't let your competitor do it, gain a competitive advantage now.

    Assessment of your software solution

    * Novipro 2021 IT PORTRAIT
    Overview of what
    we can do for you
    • Technological and computer audit of your situation
    • Strategic analysis and action plan creation
    • Setting up the architecture and implementing the action plan
    • Realization of tests and creation of an Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    • Development of the solution in iterative mode
    • Transfer of knowledge
    • Coaching for an increase in competence of your teams

    A complete team to support your needs

    We are committed to delivering maximum value for the money invested.

    Concepts, methodologies and technos
    • ASP.NET Core, Razor, Blazor, Entity Framework, C#, SQL Server, Web MVC, Azure DevOps, GIT, Docker, Full Stack MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js), Performance PostgreSQL, Winform etc.
    • Microservices, TDD, BDD, Scalability, Release Pipeline, Build Server, Reverse Engineering, End-to-end testing, etc.

    Why use our team?

    Working with Done means being part of a team that delivers on time, all the time. Whether it's an upgrade of your existing software, a complete or partial rewrite, or even the development of outstanding custom software, we will meet your needs and your business objectives.

    By determining an MVP, your budget will be maintained, and you will quickly have something that will be profitable for your users. With more than 20 years of experience, we have the expertise and the best talent in the industry at your disposal.

    Some of our clients

    Customer testimonial - Boostalab

    “Done’s strength is above all their expertise and ability to adapt quickly. They understood our intentions and were able to challenge us when necessary in order to improve our project. The synergy and synchronization between our teams was natural. This was reflected in the fluidity of the final product.”

    Solime Gaboriault - co-founder of Boostalab - Read what we have done

    • • •

    In one year, thanks to Done's support, we have developed Abena Care, the international version of Abena Soins. This tool is now available in several languages. We have also deployed new functionalities while improving the security and reliability of our platform.

    Done gives us access to a pool of developers with different but complementary profiles. This way we are sure to be always accompanied and advised in an efficient way and to have at our disposal the necessary resources to develop or improve our tool. All while respecting our commitments in terms of deadlines and budget. This partnership is synonymous with efficiency, benevolence and peace of mind.

    Geoffrey Greffier – Director of Digital Business at Abena - Read what we have done



    Let’s go!

    We set the first series of objectives together

    • Technology and IT audit of your situation
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal procedures, security protocols, development processes and governance
    • Review of data structure, protection of technology and information assets, access and distribution to authorized parties

    At the end of this stage, we have determined the next steps and a preliminary timeline


    We can help in several ways


    • improving an existing software by adding new features
    • rewriting a software solution
    • Custom software development

    Our team guides and advises you in the design of your product throughout the development process.


    At last!

    Quality Insurance is a must

    • Delivery of the final product
    • Follow-up and support
    • Knowledge transfer

    By partnering with you every step of the way, we maximize the value of your investment to deliver custom software of impeccable quality.