Environnement de travail

An employer attentive to the needs of its team

Many companies boast about the flexible hours, teleworking policy and work-family balance they offer their employees. At Done, we have real flexible hours and we are talking about work-life balance. This flexibility provides an environment that allows our employees to carry out personal projects. In fact, management strongly encourages personal initiatives from the employees. Their ideas

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IT Manager, where is your next development team?

  We are more than ever immersed in a software development era. Everything around us is activated by lines of code, by programs that are increasingly intelligent and essential. The IT industry is in very prosperous period and it might not be such good news for managers. The world was doing fine I remember a

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A different corporate culture…

I began my career as a Human Resources advisor in 2003. As the title shows, my role had always been more conventional within the businesses of different sectors where I evolved. Most of them were rather traditional in their management style and culture. This being said, I joined Done in May 2016 and to my

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