Bracket Show

The Bracket Show was at the Confoo 2021 event

On February 24, 25 and 26, 2021, the first virtual edition of the ConFoo 2021 event took place. A premiere for the organization who has adapted its entire event online due to the pandemic! This did not dissuade the code enthusiasts and developers who were able to attend some 130 technical presentations throughout the edition.

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Do you care about testing?

  I recently “talked” to my past self of several years ago, and we came to talk about unit testing. Back then, I did not care about unit testing. Today, I still do not care, but in a different way. Despite years passed, many of the issues raised in this conversation are still relevant. Do

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The Bracket Show—episode 1

Hello World Enterprise Watch the first episode of the Bracket Show. In this episode, Éric and Bruno present how it is possible to create the foundation of a large-scale corporate application through automated testing and a build server. You can also learn more about the enterprise version of Hello World in the following blog post.

The Bracket Show

It’s after two days of carpooling to a training that the idea of the Bracket Show was born. The idea is quite simple: talking about code, development, and anything related to this, by providing short online videos. Why? First and foremost, to share our knowledge. With more than 30 years of combined experience, that is

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