Boostalab launches its Teamtonic platform

Boostalab joined forces with Done’s team to develop its digital platform, Teamtonic. Working closely with the stakeholders, Done’s developers handled all front-end and back-end development.


Boostalab is a Montreal-based company whose mission is to contribute to making organizations more human through an approach that is partly technological, partly content and partly process. Numerous organizations, SMEs, NPOs and large corporations call upon them to develop the soft skills of their work teams. Whether in a context of strategic planning or cultural transformation.

Done’s experts have been solicited to develop the Teamtonic digital platform, in response to Boostalab’s need to have access more manpower to complete the project within the deadlines.

“Done’s strength is above all their expertise and ability to adapt quickly. They understood our intentions and were able to challenge us when necessary in order to improve our project. The synergy and synchronization between our teams was natural. This was reflected in the fluidity of the final product. “says Solime Gaboriault, co-founder of Boostalab.


A great collaboration to develop custom software

Sharing the same values, the collaboration between the two teams has been exceptional. At Done, we like to go the extra mile. For us, a project is more than just its completion. We like to stay in touch with our customers to take the pulse of their needs and to know how they are evolving. It’s much more than a business partnership.

 “When we work on a project, it is not uncommon for professional relationships to develop even if we are at a distance. Teamtonic has been a great project on a professional level, but also on a human level. I am often in contact with the Boostalab team and a real bond of trust has been created. ”, says Francis, senior developer at Done.


Creation of the digital platform

Teamtonic is the first digital platform designed for professional teams who want to develop their skills, work better together and strengthen their organizational culture in their daily work.

In concrete terms, Teamtonic is:

– A 3 step approach (1 to 3 months): probe, reveal, take action.

– A team approach: undertake a collective change (cultural transformation, strategic planning, working better together) through team challenges in which everyone has an essential role to play.

– A process that can be undertaken by an organization or team independently, without the services of consultants or trainers. All required training content and task assistance is included in the application.


A project that is already bearing fruit

The product was launched in October 2019 and several major customers have already adopted Teamtonic. The impacts are very positive and more than encouraging: the commitment level of the participants is high and the approach, based on research in neuroscience of human behaviour, allows everyone to rapidly and actively develop.

Teams decide for themselves what is most relevant to their well-being and development: they are thus empowered and team members appreciate this confidence and autonomy.

Organizational leaders point out that Teamtonic’s offer stands out for its effectiveness in terms of training, since the learning transfer occurs in everyday action, and not in the traditional classroom. They also appreciate this new way of learning and developing as a team: a more human and engaging way for the workers.

At the moment, the application is bilingual and offered to the Quebec market. Teamtonic is aimed at natural work teams as well as all employees of an organization. For more information:

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