A software development studio? Why not!

This year, our marketing team has the mandate of revamping Pyxis’ website. Oh yes, you are one of the firsts to find out by reading this post—in a few weeks, Pyxis will launch a new website.

In order to do so, our team is working with an extraordinary development team from our very own /studio. The objective is to have a platform that is simple to use and allows us to quickly and easily bring changes to the site.

Why is it different working with Pyxis /studio rather than working with an agency specialized in creating websites?

  • Using an Agile approach allows us to review our priorities week after week.
  • Sophie, our artistic director, plays the role of Product Owner, which facilitates communication within the team and the understanding of deliverables.
  • All sections and functionalities are tested as they are developed.
  • The team is up to date with the latest technologies and is always on the look-out for the best practices.
  • The product delivered will be amazing!

To find out more about our /studio, visit our website. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss the launch of our new website…

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