An employer attentive to the needs of its team

Many companies boast about the flexible hours, teleworking policy and work-family balance they offer their employees. At Done, we have real flexible hours and we are talking about work-life balance. This flexibility provides an environment that allows our employees to carry out personal projects. In fact, management strongly encourages personal initiatives from the employees. Their ideas are welcome and they have the management’s support. Here are some examples of initiatives by Studio members.


Our colleague, Luc Aspirot, has always wanted to teach programming to high-school students, and that’s how the Kode Academy project was born. Its mission is to nurture the interest of 12- to 17-year-olds in programming by developing their skills and encouraging them to express their creativity. Seeing the opportunity to undertake personal projects with the support of his employer, Luc decided to discuss this with his colleagues and the management.

Since flexible hours are part of the corporate culture, Done has made it possible to hold several meetings with management and some team members during working hours. This allowed Luc to present his “Business Model Canvas”. These meetings were fruitful thanks to exchanging of ideas and many questions that were asked and which challenged Luc to be coherent. He also benefited from feedback and advice from everyone on the project’s next steps. The encouragement and moral support of management also allowed him to move forward.

In addition, he was also able to benefit from the help of a colleague whom he trusts. The latter believed in the project and decided to join Luc as a partner and trainer for Kode Académie.
He also saved some costs by taking advantage of Pyxis’ internal services. In particular, meetings were held with our colleagues in the marketing department to evaluate their design needs for production of promotional material and a first draft was created. Finally, Kode Academy will have access to the premises of Pyxis to offer its courses.

The Bracket Show

Backet Show Logo

The Bracket Show is another project developed by: Eric De Carufel and Bruno Barrette. They wish to serve the developer community. Their mission is to talk about software development, share knowledge and demonstrate useful techniques using the YouTube platform.

Done supports this initiative by allowing them to use the offices for shooting episodes. In addition, Done provides them with audio-video equipment. Flexible hours allow them to prepare episode content and recordings during office hours. Finally, they also benefit from internal services to promote this initiative, especially on social networks.


A third initiative was developed by our colleague Jonathan Falardeau. It is the Tiers Lieu, which is “a Laval based coworking space for all organizations, companies and individuals wishing to propel their projects while maximizing their social impact through easy access to collective intelligence.”

Pyxis has supported Jonathan in several ways with his entrepreneurial project. During the creation phase, Pyxis gave him the necessary flexibility in his work schedule to develop his organization. Pyxis also enabled him to benefit from its contact network, which accelerated the start-up and helped him build his business network.


Most importantly, Pyxis moved its offices and relocated with the Tiers Lieu. Jonathan was directly involved in designing the premises so that his needs would be taken into account. Being associated with Pyxis greatly accelerated the gain in credibility within the business community.
Finally, it is important to mention that Done gives full latitude to its employees to be speakers. Flexible hours allow them to participate in networking events and present lectures on software development. This allows them to attend community events like Microsoft MVP, Strategies PME, Startup Fest, Confoo or DevTeach.

These few examples are intended to show how much room all team members have to influence the future of Done by combining their individual passions with the team’s goals. This provides an entrepreneurial experience for all employees in a secure and supervised environment. It goes beyond a conciliation with personal life. For some, it could even be a stepping stone to a new professional adventure!

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