Studio at the Brussels Motor Show

Studio Pyxis has developed an augmented reality application for the Belgian handcrafted car manufacturer Gillet.

25 years and a project

The Pike’X Peak project was born of founder Tony Gillet’s crazy dream to see his first car, the Vertigo, establish new records on the Pikes Peak racetrack in June 2018. Designed 25 years ago, this car will be driven by Vanina Ickx.

In order to make the challenge possible, modifications need to be made to the car. Our Studio has thus used its expertise to develop a 3D model based on the drawings of the artist Clovis.

In the next few days, Gillet will present this project during the Brussels Motor Show. Visitors and potential investors will be able to see and touch the model that will crisscross Pikes Peak.


3D Development

For the project, the Pyxis Studio Team has developed an application downloadable on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. When the application is launched and with the paper marker, you can see the future Vertigo car in 3D and diorama. The app also allows you to roam the Pikes Peak racetrack on board of the Vertigo: guaranteed sensations!

For Norman Deschauwer (Pyxis Belgium cofounder) and Michael Lievens, the Gillet Pike’X Peak project was an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the Studio’s expertise: “Ideas become alive and almost palpable.”

Gillet is presently looking for investors for the Pike’X Peak project. Pyxis Studio is proud to be the legendary brand’s first partner for that exciting project! Don’t miss the Palais 1 Motor Show.

Passion for Car Racing

The Vertigo car has been a big part of Belgian automotive history, there are now 28 unique and fully handmade cars on the market. The car has established several records and is characterized by its carbon chassis. The goal is to place 600 HP on the starting line of Pikes Peak in June. Pure power! Small anecdote: the car was the most played vehicle of the famous game Gran Turismo. It is not in the last version of the game, but who knows, maybe we will have the chance to find it and take Vanina’s place on Pikes Peak, while comfortably sitting in our living room…

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